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Cosy Home

Cosy Home

September is here and almost immediately, there is a chill in the air and the days are getting shorter. Whilst we look forward to sitting in the garden in the summer once we get home, there must be more than sitting in front of the TV in the winter?

The Eco Credentials of having a wood burning stove are well documented, but what about the feel good factor of having a stove?

Our whole family enjoys and looks forward to the daily ritual in the evening when we put the stove on. It is a mini exercise in mindfulness. You have to take your time and space to get the fire going and it only takes about 5-10 minutes.

The whole family sitting around  a warm fire in the evening is one of the most relaxing things to do and brings a sense of wellbeing to everyone – and you can do this knowing you are using renewable energy.

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