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Wood Burning Stove Installation In Teddington

Wood burning stove installation in Teddington

Wood burning stove installation in Teddington

This wood burning stove installation in Teddington was one of our most interesting ones yet. London Surrey Stoves had the pleasure of installing a wood burning stove into this lovingly renovated home in Teddington, Richmond. The owner pulled together a completely unique but at the same time effortless look in their home, which meant we had to find a wood burning stove to match this environment. Both in terms of looks but also functionality.

The aim was to create a nice, calm sanctuary for the family to retreat to after a busy day. And as we hardly have a summer to speak of in the UK, we are sure this new log burner will get plenty of use!

Our customers are very happy with our friendly service and installation. You can read their review here.

The installation standard is very high at London Surrey Stoves, both in terms of quality materials used but also workmanship. This is never more important than when the wood burning stove is the last item to go into a just recently renovated house. The key when looking for a wood burning stove installation team at this stage is:

  • make sure the person undertaking the survey is also the person undertaking the installation. When you have just finished a painstaking renovation, you may have had a few hiccups, but having one point of contact from beginning to end will make for a¬†smooth installation¬†process.
  • ask how many years experience the installer / fitter has who will be fitting your stove. In this case, you will find that the more experience a fitter has, the more properties and fireplaces they have worked with. This of course means your last part of the renovation project is in good hands.
  • do not blow your budget on overpriced installation costs, but at the same time do not only shop around for the cheapest quote. No. Don’t compare apples with oranges. It is your money you are spending, so ask which make of components are being used. Flue components vary vastly in quality, so make sure you ask.


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