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Inset Wood Burning Stove Installation

Inset wood burning stove installation

Inset wood burning stove Installation in Richmond

We are very proud of this latest inset wood burning stove installation. This inset wood burning stove was installed into a lovely and just recently extended house in St Margarets, Richmond upon Thames.

The customer supplied and fitted his own surround, there was no building work required as we recommended stove which fits most fireplace openings in the UK.

Choosing the right inset wood burning stove for your home

The key with inset wood burning stove installations is to ensure that the correct stove with the appropriate depth is chosen. Only then you will have a seamless finish. Having said that, the Contura i4 Modern is designed to fit a standard builders’ opening, which makes it ideal to install it into the traditional British home. 

This particular inset wood burning stove has a very large viewing window and hence feels like having an open fire – without the heat loss or mess obviously!

A high positioned damper and handle make it easy to manage the fire. The cast iron door is solid and easy to open and close. The ash pan has a large capacity and is easy to empty. It is available with either a three or four-sided trim.

Finding a stove which fits without building work keeps the installation costs down. Ensure that you choose an installer who has an in-depth knowledge of various stove manufacturers and is not tied to any particular brand. A good installer will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each stove option for you so you can make an educated decision.



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